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XRP On-Ledger Settlement Engine

Settle Interledger payments using on-ledger XRP transfers

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npm i -g ilp-settlement-xrp


DEBUG=settlement* ilp-settlement-xrp


Optionally configure the settlement engine using these environment variables:

  • XRP_SECRET: The XRP Ledger secret to send outgoing payments and corresponding to the XRP account for receiving incoming payments.
  • RIPPLED_URI: Rippled WebSocket or JSON-RPC endpoint to submit transactions and query network state.
    • Defaults to the Ripple testnet: wss:// To operate on mainnet, specify a mainnet validator, such as wss://
  • CONNECTOR_URL: URL of the connector's server dedicated to this settlement engine.
    • Default: http://localhost:7771
  • ENGINE_PORT: Port of the settlement engine server exposed to the connector (e.g. for triggering automated settlements).
    • Default: 3000
  • REDIS_URI: URI to communicate with Redis, typically in the format redis://[:PASSWORD@]HOST[:PORT][/DATABASE].
    • Default: (database index of 1 instead of 0)
    • Note: this settlement engine must use a unique Redis database index (or dedicated Redis instance) for security to prevent conflicting with the connector.
  • DEBUG: Pattern for printing debug logs. To view logs, settlement* is recommended.