News project built using React Redux, consumes's API endpoints. Use your self-registered NewsAPI's API key for better and uninterrupted experience.
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News project built using React Redux, consumes's API endpoints.

This project was built to help me familarize with Redux for a collaborative upcoming project.



  1. Let user provide an API key so that the production version doesn't consume my personal NewsAPI's daily limit.
  2. Able to view API key stored in localStorage if exists & set up correctly from Set API Key section.
  3. Pagination works great, added limiters & set up criteria when to paginate.
    1. Add Pagination on top of news wrapper.
  4. Store 3-5 (20*~3-5=60-100 news) pages as a cache to avoid multiple requests.
  5. Add Scroll to top button.

Special Thanks to -

  1. redux, react-redux, redux-devtools-extension, redux-thunk, and uuid for being awesome!
  2. NewsAPI for the news.
  3. React-LazyLoad by @jasonslyvia.
  4. Icomoon for their icons.
  5. City Illustrations for New York.svg.
  6. Unsplash's Random Images for random images to replace my broken images. Current usage: