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@shauke shauke released this 18 Dec 14:21
· 1133 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:

required/tested Node.js version: 14.15.0 LTS (including npm 6.14.8)


  • checkout - simple basket acceleration (#479) (ff08159)
  • display buyer widget for B2B customers on checkout and order details pages (#486) (5f046c1)
  • custom attributes support for basket and orders (#476) (6cc98e0)
  • Requisition Management / Order Approval functionality (#326) (eee665f)
  • SSO with Auth0 for B2C (#352) (a8cc433)
  • use new REST API for filters and products on master variation page (#414) (5b9847c)
  • schematics: adapt lazy-components for projects (#437) (18a3f2f)
  • add server configuration pipe and feature toggle pipe (906a5b4)

Bug Fixes

  • display the inactive status on the b2b user list (5f7a55e)
  • repair schema build (#475) (96e12f9)
  • display only one validation error for a form element at once (fdc1480)
  • replace interfering special characters from product and category slugs (#469) (591fc99)
  • disable add-to-cart button on quick order page if the form is invalid (57bcabb)
  • hide add-to-cart button on order template details page if the order template is empty (11f71ca)
  • customization start script should add themes with inject false (#462) (bb15b79)
  • prevent error if language switched on order details page in case of ssr (0023025)

Performance Improvements

  • prevent SSR rendering cycle for static resources (#465) (2b81911)
  • run configurations call only once for SSR (#466) (8c211de)


  • add migration note for new multi-channel format (#457) (ab733d1)