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@shauke shauke released this 30 Jan 20:33
· 1023 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • support for Cybersource credit card payment (#464) (e953874)
  • punchout functionality - user management, basket transmission, functions routing (OCI Punchout) (#490) (2529e89)
  • add structural not-role-toggle-directive to hide html elements if the current user has a certain role (24fb46b)
  • extend authorization store by roleIds (68a3fc6)
  • set business errors independent of REST API errors to trigger the error page (397a285)
  • add order templates widget on MyAccount overview page (#502) (6eff141)
  • if the basket total equals 0 display only an info message on checkout payment page (#499) (508450f)

Bug Fixes

  • use localStorage as storage for oauth (#518) (ae000ee)
  • hide badge for recaptcha v3 (#510) (c3568cc)
  • use carousel select method to set active slide (#508) (2302a53)
  • properly calculate product availability (a5e4612)
  • send PGID for CMS View Context calls (#501) (402ffc6)
  • user registration mail always sent in english even if the user triggers the registration from a different locale (#498) (d235ca7)
  • basket promotion code assignment gets lost after registration (#497) (4b42fa6)
  • wrap budget-widget to approval scope (#493) (3bffb9a)
  • payment error message when multiple errors are received after creating a payment instrument (#491) (2c54961)


  • documentation and migration note for product contexts (#517) (043d2eb)

Code Refactoring


  • refactoring the way product specific components retrieve data with context facade