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@suschneider suschneider released this 30 Sep 16:11
· 835 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • helper for never forgetting npm install on branch change (#875) (7c0b11a)
  • add option for only building specific themes in docker build (#856) (ad3fb75)
  • add virtual theme "all" for always overriding files (#841) (9b595d1)
  • customizable nginx cache duration (#873) (b33dc3e)

Bug Fixes

  • enable cXML punchout with unclean user state (#861) (5f2e4de)
  • restrict product-quantity input to numbers (browser dependend) (#884) (ecef9e4)
  • no search results displayed when filter name contains special characters (#885) (5f628d6)
  • use translate get instead of instant for product-image component (#876) (d4ba64c)
  • noSSR PWA Docker container does not support deep links (#871) (0df009e)
  • use get instead of value for global variables in Jest tests (#866) (bc2517c)

Performance Improvements

  • restrict NgRx state transfer filtering to two levels (#889) (a1e4efd)
  • prevent unnecessary individual loading of path categories (#877) (dc820a7)
  • prevent compiling translations with very large values (#880) (36aebad)
  • cache compiled translations in PWA process (#881) (82de3a4)
  • reduce breadcrumb set delay as it also blocks SSR (#870) (a0eafd7)
  • prevent api token restore on SSR (#870) (c9425f5)
  • prevent basket loading subscription for SSR (#870) (cffd192)
  • prevent suggest search trigger on SSR (#870) (25624e3)
  • retrieve links and child products only on successful products call (#870) (9b7ab1a)
  • cache 404 longer in nginx (#870) (bdab77a)


  • update hybrid approach SSL documentation (#882) (da1b1aa)

Code Refactoring

  • build and bundle docker scripts with webpack (#853) (94e7fb9)


  • JavaScript files from dist folder have been moved. See Migrations / 1.1 to 1.2 for more details.
  • The identity provider's triggerLogout method now takes 0 instead of 2 arguments.