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@suschneider suschneider released this 01 Apr 12:48
· 610 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:

required/tested Node.js version: 16.14.2 - LTS (including npm 8.5.0)


  • introduce formly field reusability feature (#1017) (0889f38)
  • add desired delivery date with NgbDatePicker & date-fns (#1056) (638609e)
  • display feedback when product is out of stock on order templates (#1067) (7c84791)
  • enable nginx access logging in json format (#1086) (099af1f)
  • handle and display scaled prices (#1030) (699b260)
  • support Payone Eps payment method (#1053) (efe7884)
  • eslint: rules for customization (#1055) (8107fcf)

Bug Fixes

  • support the character sequence 'sku' in product SKUs (#963) (a22a56d)
  • improve product tile actions visibility + improve compare icon (#1082) (dc36f5c)
  • repair cleanup testbed script with parallel execution and apply changes (#1072) (32953c1)
  • display addToQuote and addToOrderTemplate buttons on cart page even in case the cart contains quote items (#1054) (1f0bb53)
  • quote items on cart UI issues (#1054) (c9769c2)
  • don't display 'UNDEFINED' in case the promotion title is missing for the current locale (#1054) (71a845d)
  • repair cleanup testbed script and apply changes (#1057) (a4e403c)

Code Refactoring


  • Angular 13.3.0 and dependecies update (see Migrations / 2.1 to 2.2 for more details).
  • Node.js 16 is now used for development and deployment.
  • The compare functionality was moved into an extension (see Migrations / 2.1 to 2.2 for more details).