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InterUSS Platform's implementation of the ASTM DSS concept for RID and flight coordination.


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USS to USS Discovery and Synchronization GoDoc

This repository contains InterUSS's implementation of the Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS). See the InterUSS website for background information.

The monitoring framework to test UAS Service Suppliers (USS) previously contained in this repository has moved to a separate monitoring repository.

Standards and Regulations

The DSS implementation targets compliance with the following standards and regulations:

U-Space specific:

Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS)

The DSS is a simple and open service used by separate USSs, often in different organizations, to communicate information about UAS operations and coordinate with each other. This service is described in the ASTM remote ID standard and ASTM USS interoperability standard. This flexible and distributed system is used to connect multiple USSs operating in the same general area to share information while protecting operator and consumer privacy. The system is focused on facilitating communication amongst actively operating USSs without details about UAS operations stored in or processed by the DSS.

Development Practices