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Welcome to the ibeacon-scanner-android wiki!


  • Make it easy to scan for iBeacons on Android.
  • Make use of the Adroid's ScanFilters to save power and only get notified when we enter the range of an iBeacon the app is monitoring.
  • Be able to monitor multiple iBeacons.
  • Only start scanning when possible and pass appropriate error messages when it is not possible.
  • On iOS, apps are notified when they exit the range of an iBeacon. Add this behavior.
  • The OnScanResult is called every few seconds when we are in the range of an iBeacon. Only pass the first, as an enter. Even when the service or app restarts. Until exit has happened.
  • The IBeaconScanner can be used in an App (foreground) or in a Service (background).
  • Scan with mode ScanSettings.SCAN_MODE_LOW_POWER to use less power.

Requirements to perform an iBeacon scan

  • Have a Bluetooth LE chip: any.
  • Have Bluetooth on: any.
  • At least Android 5.
  • Have location on: Android 6+.
  • Have location runtime permission: Android 6+.
  • Maximum start 5 scans in 30 seconds: Android 7+.
  • Have Bluetooth permission: Samsung Knox.


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