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Welcome to the USB armory wiki.

The USB armory from Inverse Path is an open source hardware design, implementing a flash drive sized computer.

For a project introduction and information about purchasing an USB armory board please see information at the USB armory project page.

The following page provides useful information on how to get started:


The first hardware revision of the USB armory (Mk I) is currently available, for further information and updates see the project page.


Supported Operating Systems

How to Contribute

Obtain a USB armory board and start developing! Please see ordering information at the USB armory project page.

A list of project ideas is available at the project page or in the Applications section.

A discussion group is available on Google Groups.

If you think anything is missing on this wiki, or require further support, please email us at support@inversepath.com.


USB armory | https://inversepath.com/usbarmory
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