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Note: this repository has been archived. Going forward, we'll be collecting examples and demos at the Iodide server instance hosted at


Start here:

What a web notebook looks like

Then try these featured notebooks:

Be sure to check out these two examples, which feature Python running entirely in the browser, allowing portable and reproducible data science using Python without having to install anything!

Please let us know if you spot any errors! (An issue is great; A PR is ideal!)

You can load an of the other notebooks in the repo by loading the url{NOTEBOOK_NAME}, but be aware that not all of them have recieved the same level of attention and some may be a bit rough.


Creating a demo and/or documentation notebooks is the best way to begin contributing to Iodide!

Contributions are very much desired -- as you can see, we've been focusing so intently on building Iodide itself that we haven't yet created nearly enough high quality demo notebooks. But we really need more notebooks that help us tell the story of what Iodide can do and how it works.

You can get started by visiting -- from there, you can begin working on a notebook, and export it to your local machine when you're happy with it.

When you have something you want to share, submit a PR to this repo. Before submitting a PR, please ensure that the resource links to the CSS and JS files in your exported notebooks use the URI*. (Note that if you started working from the link above, you shouldn't have to do anything.

Please be aware that you contibutions to this repo will be open-source -- other folks may propose changes to clarify, clean-up, or enhance your notebooks.

Suggestions for top-notch notebooks

Iodide is intended to be a low-friction way to communicate complex ideas that require computation, visualization, and/or interaction in order to be explained fully. High-quality notebooks will focus on this communication dimension, and will be designed to explain an idea to a reader. A literate programming style is strongly encouraged -- you should aim to have a narrative arc, and to tell a story to your reader; write prose in addition to code.

Please test your notebooks on Firefox and Chrome.


"Data journalism" provides some of the very best sources of inspiration. Take a look at sites like FiveThirtyEight, or the mix of visualization and explanation in things like this interactive piece from the New York Times.

Of course, Iodide is directly inspired by Jupyter, so it's worth checking out nbviewer as another source of examples.

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