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Simulate touch library for iOS

You can make fake touch(even multi-touch) and swipe.

Support iOS6 and 7

REQUIREMENT: RocketBootstrap by Ryan Petrich (

API Info:

and refer to (stouch; command line tool) for how to use.

How it works

There are two components in this project:

SimulateTouch.dylib MobileSubstrate

This hooks into and exposes a Mach messaging port defined as MACH_PORT_NAME, current code value is kr.iolate.simulatetouch. It listens for Mach messages and uses IOHIDEvents to simulate touches/swipes/buttons.

stouch command line tool

Interprets command line requests into Mach messages and sends it to MACH_PORT_NAME Mach port.



Follow instructions to setup Theos here.


  • Install the rocketbootstrap on the device and copy rocketbootstrap.h and ``rocketbootstrap_dynamic.hfrom/usr/include/` to your `$THEOS/usr/include/`.
  • Copy /usr/lib/librocketbootstrap.dylib from device to your $THEOS/usr/include.


Get it from rpetrich's RocketBoostrap repo.


  • Install simulatetouch on the device and copy /usr/lib/libsimulatetouch.dylib from device to your $THEOS/usr/lib.