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Starter projects connecting ggez and imgui.
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🎯 What is it?

This project does pretty much what it says on the tin, it adds imgui to a ggez starter sample. I spent quite a few hours digging through documentation and figuring this out so I am putting it here do you don't have to.

You can find examples for:

  • rendering imgui UI on top of ggez game objects
  • responding to mouse events in UI
  • responding to keyboard events in UI
  • imgui
    • windows
    • popups
    • menu bars and menu items
    • nested menu items


🏃 How to run it?

The usual cargo commands will do.

// Building
cargo build

// Running 
cargo run

// Running in release
cargo run --release

💪 Contributing

If you'd like to contribute and make this easier in any way feel free to:

  1. Create an issue
  2. Open a PR with an improvement or bug fix

🚗 License


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