Redis monitoring and inspection tool in django admin.
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Redis monitoring and inspection drop-in application using django admin.

  • Free software: BSD license


  • Sever statistics in the admin changelist
  • Key summary in the inspect view
  • Value introspection with pagination for lists and sorted sets


Runtime:Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.4 or PyPy
Services:Redis 2.2 or later.
Packages:Django>=1.8, py-redis>=2.10.0

Don't have a django project ?

Use the quick start script ! It will create and run a django project on with just the redisboard installed.

With curl:

curl -L | tee | sh -e

With wget:

wget --no-check-certificate -O - | tee | sh -e

Don't want to run on ? Run:

./ ip:port

Installation guide

Install from pypi, with pip:

pip install django-redisboard

Or with setuptools:

easy_install django-redisboard

Add redisboard to INSTALLED_APPS:

INSTALLED_APPS += ("redisboard", )

After that you need to run: syncdb

Or if you use south you can migrate this app: migrate redisboard

Then you can add redis servers in the admin. You will see the stats in the changelist.

Redisboard has few css tweaks for the pages (they are optional). If you use staticfiles just run: collectstatic

If you do not use django.contrib.staticfiles you must manually symlink the site-packages/redisboard/static/redisboard dir to <your media root>/redisboard.

Optional django settings


REDISBOARD_DETAIL_FILTERS - a list of regular expressions to match against the keys in the server details colum. Eg, to only show uptime and list of active databases:

REDISBOARD_DETAIL_FILTERS = ['uptime.*', 'db.*']

To show all the details just use:



REDISBOARD_ITEMS_PER_PAGE - default 100. Used for paginating the items from a list or a sorted set.


REDISBOARD_SOCKET_TIMEOUT - default None. Socket operations time out after this many seconds.


REDISBOARD_SOCKET_CONNECT_TIMEOUT - default None. Socket connect operation times out after this many seconds.


REDISBOARD_SOCKET_KEEPALIVE - default None. Enables or Disables socket keepalive.


REDISBOARD_SOCKET_KEEPALIVE_OPTIONS - default None. Additional options for socket keepalive.




Inspect key details:



To run the all tests run: