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A chat bot for YouTube, Discord and IRC.

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Current plugin support:

Commands are prefixed with @BotName.

  • emoji <emoji> - Returns a big version of an emoji. Please read the README in emojiplugin for installation notes.
  • help [<topic>] - Returns generic help or help for a specific topic. Available topics: comic,remind
  • invite <id> - Provides invite URL for the bot.
  • numbertrivia [<number>] - Returns trivia for a random number or a specified number if provided.
  • playing - Set which game the bot is playing on Discord. Only enabled for bot owner.
  • reminder <time> | <reminder> - Sets a reminder.
  • stats - Lists bot statistics.
  • streamer <streamername|streamerid> - Grabs details about a YouTube streamer.
  • topstreamers - List the current top streamers on YouTube Gaming.

eg: @BotName help

Also supports direct invites on Discord and support for announcing streamers going live on YouTube Gaming.



go get

go install

cd $GOPATH/bin


You must first generate a YouTube Oauth token in the Google Developer Console.

Go to Credentials and download the JSON config file and save it in $GOPATH/bin as youtubeoauth2config.json

bruxism -youtubeurl

You will then be given a URL (and copied to clipboard), visit that URL and copy the code, then run:

bruxism -youtubeauth <AUTH CODE>

Now the bot can be run:


Run as a Discord bot

bruxism -discordtoken "Bot <discord bot token>"

It is suggested that you set -discordapplicationclientid if you are running a bot account, this will make inviteplugin function correctly.

It is suggested that you set -discordowneruserid as this prevents anyone from calling playingplugin.

To invite your bot to a server, visit:<discord client id>&scope=bot

Run as an IRC bot

bruxism -ircserver <irc server> -ircusername <irc username> -ircchannels <#channel1,#channel2>


  • youtubeurl - Outputs a new OAuth URL for YouTube and then exits.
  • youtubeauth - Exchanges the provided auth code for an oauth2 token.
  • youtubeconfig - The filename for your YouTube OAuth client JSON. (Download JSON in Google Developers Console -> Credentials).
  • youtubetoken - The filename to store the oauth2 token.
  • youtubelivechannelids - Comma separated list of channel ids to poll.
  • discordtoken - Sets the Discord token.
  • discordemail - Sets the Discord account email.
  • discordpassword - Sets the Discord account password.
  • discordclientid - Sets the Discord client id.
  • ircserver - Sets the IRC server.
  • ircusername - Sets the IRC user name.
  • ircpassword - Sets the IRC password.
  • ircchannels - Comma separated list of IRC channels.
  • imgurid - Sets the Imgur client id, used for uploading images to imgur.
  • imgurAlbum - Sets an optional the Imgur album id, used for uploading images to imgur.
  • mashablekey - Sets the mashable oauth key.

Special Thanks

Bruce Marriner - For DiscordGo and the Music Plugin.