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Lab 5 - Firebase

Snapachat Clone Project


Congrats on making it this far on the Snapchat Clone project! By now, we've learned how to build a feed of images as well as to implement our own camera. The next step is to store the images that users take and allow them to share with others. For this part of the project, we'll be using Firebase's Authentication, Database, and Storage modules, which you can reference at any time here:

This part of the project is particularly interesting because you will all be working off of the same database, which means that you will get to share the pictures you take with your classmates!

Getting started

Before adding Firebase to your Xcode project, you'll need to create a new application online at . For grading purposes, we'll need you to configure the permissions so that we are able to access your database as well, which we'll go over below:

Creating a new Firebase project and configuring access settings

Sign in at using your email, and click the "Go to Console" Button. You should see a screen like this:

Firebase console launch screen

Once here, add a new project with the name "Snapchat Clone" and then click "Create Project".

Firebase console add new project screen

This will open up a console for your new project. You'll be coming back here to access your Realtime Database later in the project, but right now you'll just need to update your app permissions so that we are able to access your database as well.

To do this, open the settings tab (cog gear icon) and click "Users and Permissions"

Firebase console add new project screen

Then grant "Owner" permissions to the email Once added, the email should show up in "Members" list.

Users and Permissions Tab button

Firebase xcodeproject integration