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IO modules

This repo contains the Hover Framework (IOModule manager) and plugins

Hover Framework

Hover framework is a userspace deamon for managing IO Modules. It exposes REST front-end for dynamically loading, configuring, linking different modules to make a network topology.

IO Modules Architecture



  • google go version 1.4 or greater
  • docker for some of the tests
  • BCC

Installing Hover

# prereqs
# make sure you have exported $GOPATH to your workspace directory.
go get
go get
go get
# to pull customized fork of netlink
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
git remote add drzaeus77
git fetch drzaeus77
git reset --hard drzaeus77/master

go get
go install
sudo -E go test -v

# run the hoverd binary in standalone mode
sudo $GOPATH/bin/hoverd


DnsMon IOModule

IO module that monitors and maintains statistics for IPv4/IPv6 DNS Queries

go get
go install
sudo $GOPATH/bin/dnsmon -hover

Policy IOModule

IO module that implements group based policies for containers.

go get