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IowaComputerGurus, Inc.


IowaComputerGurus is dedicated to supporting Open Source communities, specifically those in the .NET Ecosystem. Have a look around all of our repositories, we welcome contributions from all parties.

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  1. A collection of helpful utilities for working with ASP.NET Core projects. These items are used by the IowaComputerGurus Team to aid in unit testing and other common tasks

    C# 2 1

  2. A collection of cloud storage utilities to assist with the management of files for cloud upload.

    C# 1 1

  3. A collection of utility functions making email delivery more accessible for projects. By default supporting Dependency Injection.

    C# 4

  4. A utility to assist in creating Excel spreadsheets in .NET 6+ applications

    C# 20 2

  5. This library provides helpful items to speed the development of unit tests across all .NET Core project types. We will update this library regularly with helpful base classes/implementations.


  6. A collection of open-sourced Azure DevOps extensions created by IowaComputerGurus

    PowerShell 1


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