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  1. aspnetcore.utilities

    A collection of helpful utilities for working with ASP.NET Core projects. These items are used by the IowaComputerGurus Team to aid in unit testing and other common tasks

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  2. netcore.utilities.email

    A collection of utility functions making email delivery more accessible for projects. By default supporting Dependency Injection.


  3. netcore.utilities.spreadsheet

    A utility to assist in creating Excel spreadsheets in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core applications using the EPPlus.Core library


  4. netcore.utilities.unittesting

    This library provides helpful items to speed the development of unit tests across all .NET Core project types. We will update this library regularly with helpful base classes/implementations.


  5. Azure-DevOps-Extensions

    A collection of open-sourced Azure DevOps extensions created by IowaComputerGurus


  6. DnnLogCleaner

    A simple utility, used to clean DNN installations log files to prevent overgrowth.

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