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IDM - Identity Manager

The Identity Manager - IDM for short - is a unified digital wallet based on open-standards that aims to support multiple decentralized identities.


Here is a list of some useful documents. If you're interested in collaborating, please check Contributing.

💡 IDM Concept
📖 IDM Specification
📐 IDM Information Architecture
🛠 IDM Breakdown
🗓 IDM Workplan


Milestones & Progress

Our milestones are continuously updated and detailed in the IDM Workplan Document. You can also see them in the Milestiones section of this repository.

On the first monday of every sprint we have a remote call, at 4:00 PM GMT, to report the project's current progress. We create an issue with the label progress-call for each scheduled call, containing a link to the agenda & notes and with instructions on how to join the video call. Moreover, all previous meetings' notes may be found in the meetings folder.


All work is organised on GitHub throughout this repository. There is also a Project Board that we use for organisation, prioritisation and sprint planning.

To manage our project, we adopted the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. Every sprint begins on a monday with the sprint planning meeting. Additionally, on the second monday of each sprint, there is a backlog grooming session. At the end of each sprint, we do a sprint review and a sprint retrospective to analyse what can be improved and what we commit to do better in the next one.

The best way to contribute would be to open a GitHub Issue and, if you are willing to, open a Pull Request while targeting the respective issue. Also please take in consideration that every commit should be following Conventional Commits guidelines.

You may reach us on IRC at #ipfs-identity on freenode. Also, you are welcome to join us in our sprint progress report call, as detailed in Milestones & Progress.


The codebase lives in separate GitHub repositories:

We will update this list whenever new IDM based repositories are created.


The design files for Nomios - the reference IDM Wallet UI - are available in a public Google Drive folder.

If you'd like an overview of the project folder structure, have a look at the Filing System.


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