Ansible playbooks used to deploy a multi-AS MPLS infrastructure including MPLS/VPN services
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Deploy IGP+BGP routing and MPLS/VPN services in a multi-provider network

This set of playbooks deploys routing protocol (OSPF/IBGP/EBGP) configurations and MPLS/VPN configurations on a set of Cisco IOS routers residing in one or more closely coupled autonomous systems.


The playbooks use a data model describing infrastructure (fabric.yml) and services (services-vpnv4.yml). The create-data-model-yml playbook transforms these data models (described in more details below) into per-node data models (stored in nodes.yml) that are easier to work with when generating device configurations.

The playbooks in bgp, ospf and vpnv4 directories read per-node data models from nodes.yml, create and deploy device configurations, and verify OSPF/BGP adjacencies. Invoke them from the main directory (otherwise the won't find the nodes.yml) with one or more of these tags:

  • configs - create the configuration files in configs directory
  • deploy - deploy the configuration files from the configs directory to the devices
  • verify - verify OSPF or BGP adjacencies

The hosts file in this repository was used with this VIRL topology.

Data model

The infrastructure data model in fabric.yml has these sections:

  • services - a list of services supported by the network. Elements of this list can be IPv4, VPNv4 and InterAS (for inter-as VPNv4)
  • nodes - a list of nodes in the network. Every node has name, mgmt IP address (used to access the node) and router ID IP address (rid) configured on its loopback interface
  • asn - a dictionary of AS numbers. Each ASN has two elements: members is a list of device names belonging to the AS, rr is the list of route reflectors in that AS.
  • fabric - list of intra-AS links. Every link has left and right nodes, left_ip and right_ip IP addresses and left_port and right_port interfaces. cost is optional. OSPF is configured on intra-AS links.
  • interas - list of inter-AS links (similar to intra-AS links). EBGP is configured on inter-AS links.

The services-vpnv4 data model is a dictionary of customers with every customer having these elements:

  • rd - value used for MPLS/VPN RD and import/export RT (the data model and the playbooks support only simple non-overlapping VPNs)
  • nodes - a dictionary of PE-routers used in this service. The values of these elements is a dictionary of VRF interfaces with each interface having ip element (IP prefix configured on PE-router VRF interface)