Code and files for TractorBot, the winner of the 2014 RobotWars compitition run by the CamJam team in Cambridge
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TractorBot 2014

Code and hardware files for TractorBot, the winner of the 2014 PiWars competition run by the CamJam team in Cambridge. The code, schematics and hardware files provided are exactly as the robot ran on the day of the 2014 competition. There is certainly room for improvement, and we expect this to be used as a solid base to start from, rather than a finished polished product. It worked for us, but your mileage may vary.

If you have any questions please use our forums


The hardware, files of which can be found in the hardware folder are licensed under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2, the license can be found in the directory /hardware/license. this is essentially an open source licence which can be used for all purposes provided attribution is given to Ipswich Makerspace.

The chassis is designed to be laser cut from a material measuring 3mm thick. Perspex could be used, but for cost we used hard board and this worked very well.

Our chassis was cut by Cedarcroft Productions based in Ipswich.

Many of the parts for TractorBot were provided by our sponsor Rapid Electronics

The code and schematics for the interface board are now in this repository. We have kept the information short and to the point, for example we do not provide instructions for the construction of the chassis, this is quite self explanitory. However if we get a few requests for more information and if time allows we may build on this information.

For the electronics, including Fritzing diagrams, Ki-CAD schematics and information how it all works click here

For a description of the hardware click here

Hardware designed by Keith Ellis

Software written by Phil Willis in C++ on behalf of Ipswich Makerspace

If you have any queries or questions please raise on the Ipswich Makerspace forums

TractorBot is a Trademark of Ipswich Makerspace

This is provided on an "as-is" basis and all rights are reserved, no warranty is provided and no responsibility will be taken for any harm or damage caused whatsoever.