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IPython website sources. Any fixes to the website should be done on this repository.
branch: master
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.travis Use travis to build website
_scripts fix copy trees on python3
_static Added books page.
_templates Release announcement for 3.0
logos Add nice SVG logo of the console.
sphinxext Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/sphinx-1.3'
themes/agogo use relative path to ipython.css in agogo theme
.gitignore Use travis to build website
.htaccess initial commit of ipython website
.travis.yml re-enable push to production
CNAME Change CNAME back to
Makefile Fix links, instruction and ipython-user update README
books.rst Updated books info.
citing.rst Update citing ref. with DOI/publisher info. added /gallery page and redirect for DS Faire
documentation.rst prepare website for 3.0
donate.rst Change ref to whole page, was getting a missing link otherwise.
faq.rst simplify "mainling list" by removing dev or user reference.
google46f5e5c36b67754a.html Add verification file for Google Webmaster Central.
index.rst Release announcement for 3.0
install.rst Fix instructions for installing notebook dependencies
links.txt Updated Enthought links.
microsoft-donation-2013.rst Finish MS donation release.
news.rst Release announcement for 3.0
notebook.rst Update notebook.rst
presentation.rst Fix links, instruction and ipython-user
pyreadline.rst simplify "mainling list" by removing dev or user reference.
roadmap-announcement.rst remove Bastille Day mention
searchresults.rst Add Google custom search engine.
security.rst More changes that weren't pushed to the source repo
showmedo.rst Changes on 20 Dec 2010
sloan-grant.rst Create separate sponsors page with Sloan info.
sponsors.rst fix osc and unh link at videos. Added osc link at sponsors
usersurvey2011.rst Close user survey.
usersurvey2013.rst Clarify the use cases section
videos.rst fix osc and unh link at videos. Added osc link at sponsors
whatsnew082.rst Add Ohloh buttons and clean up reST to reduce warnings on build.
whatsnew083.rst Clean up RST markup.


Travis-CI should automatically deploy the website a few minutes after the branches are merged or pushed on master, so you shouldn't need to worry about the building process.

Though, if you like to build/push manually see next section.

Build website

Use make to build the website in the gh-pages directory, use

$ make gh-pages

It will clone the built-website repository, built a new version in it, and auto-commit. Then prompt you to check that everything is fine before pushing. Of course you need to have the right to push.

Additionally run $ make linkcheck if you have time to loose fixing old link.

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