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This sections will guide you through :ref:`installing IPython itself <install>`, and installing :ref:`kernels for Jupyter <kernel_install>` if you wish to work with multiple version of Python, or multiple environments.

Quick install reminder

Here is a quick reminder of the commands needed for installation if you are already familiar with IPython and are just searching to refresh your memory:

Install IPython:

$ pip install ipython

Install and register an IPython kernel with Jupyter:

$ python -m pip install ipykernel

$ python -m ipykernel install [--user] [--name <machine-readable-name>] [--display-name <"User Friendly Name">]

for more help see

$ python -m ipykernel install  --help
.. seealso::

   `Installing Jupyter <>`__
     The Notebook, nbconvert, and many other former pieces of IPython are now
     part of Project Jupyter.

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