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I am new to IPython. Please let me know If I need to post this type of questions on user list from next time.

My system config:
Windows 7 64 bit, Python 3.2, IPython 0.12 (dev).
Installed all dependencies: PyReadline, PyQT (MSI installer), PyZMQ, pygments as per the instructions on installation web page.

I see following issues. Not sure what's wrong and where.

  1. Installation never install a .bat file or desktop shortcut to launch IPython. So I use ipython3.exe from Scripts folder in PowerShell.

  2. I don't know how QT console (ipython3-qtconsole.exe) looks like because it never worked.

  3. I just want to have a basic understanding on how to use PASTE and CPASTE. Correct me if I am wrong.

    First I copied the following code from python cookbook online to the clipboard.
    random import *
    randBinList = lambda n: [randint(0,1) for b in range(1,n+1)]
    Next, typed %cpaste% on Ipython, so I see a ":" prompt awaits.
    What's next? CTRL+V? shortcut key doesn't work. Do I use PowerShell paste menu item?

  4. Didn't find Store command in %lsmagic% list? No longer there in 0.12?

On a side note: I followed Jeff's tutorial ( ,
though its bit old (v0.9), I highly recommend this to new comers, please cite this on IPython doc webpage).

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  1. I've no idea about shortcuts and installation on Windows. For release, we'll build a binary installer which you download and run, maybe that makes a difference.

  2. Do you get any sort of error message or anything?

  3. %cpaste will let you paste in using the paste option in your terminal (Powershell or whatever). %paste just tries to grab text directly from your clipboard.

  4. It's there, but in an extension. Do %load_ext storemagic, or add 'storemagic' to the extensions list in your file.

Thanks for the feedback. For future reference, it's a good idea to take questions to the mailing list, and use this system for specific things we need to fix or improve. If in doubt, start on the mailing list, and we might ask you to open an issue about something.

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Oops, @takluyver, I replied from my email without realizing you'd taken care of it already. Thanks :)

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