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!sudo <command> displays password in plain text #194

ghost opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The password is displayed in plain text when running sudo.


Does !sudo it work at all?

I find that the password request doesn't receive the input at all, and never returns.


Does not work at all for me. The behavior seems to be what you're describing. It never returns after entering the password.

Also, I'm using 0.11.alpha1.git


On 0.11, we can't really run interactive commands at all that require user input into the subprocess. This is because we're using pexpect now.

This is a necessary limitation in the two-process model, but it accidentally carried over to the single-process shell.

I'm closing this bug because it's not about sudo, but I'll open a separate ticket to remind me of the fact that for the one-process shell, we need to restore the direct access to subprocesses we've always had.

Thanks for the report, I would have forgotten about this otherwise!

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