System escape interpreted in multi-line string #394

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The system escape is interpreted, in multiline strings (IPython version 0.10):

In [1]: '''
   ...: !3
   ...: '''
Out[1]: '\n_ip.system("3")\n'

Isn't this incorrect?

IPython member

Yes, that's incorrect. It should be fixed in 0.11, which we're aiming to release soon, but since it's a fairly unusual bug to hit, and relatively easy to work around, it's probably not going to get fixed in 0.10.


Thanks for the feedback!

IPython member

You're welcome. I'm going to close this, because I can't replicate it on 0.11, and I can't imagine it getting fixed in 0.10. Let us know if it's a problem in 0.11.

@takluyver takluyver closed this Apr 19, 2011
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