IPython should display things unsorted if it can't sort them #417

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apatil commented May 5, 2011

Hi all,

We're having issues when displaying lists of PyMC variables in IPython, pymc-devs/pymc#32 . A simple way to reproduce the problem is as follows. First, define a class with an lt method that can fail:

class test(tuple):
    def __lt__(self, other):
        if len(self) != len(other):
            raise ValueError
            return self[0] < other[0]

A = test([1,2,3])
B = test([4,5])

Then, try displaying {A: [], B: []} from IPython.



It works properly in the development version, but not in 0.10. Since we're hoping to release 0.11 in the next few weeks, it probably won't get fixed in the 0.10 series unless you want to make a pull request for it.

apatil commented May 5, 2011

Thanks... this isn't a critical problem, I'm happy to wait.


OK, excellent. I'm going to close this issue, then.

@takluyver takluyver closed this May 5, 2011
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