qtconsole ignores exec_lines #545

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When I start a new qtconsole using a profile I've defined (or, for that matter, the default profile), the IPKernelApp.exec_lines configuration option seems to be ignored. Based on the behavior of the ipython_config.py TerminalIPythonApp.exec_lines option, I would have expected lines in the IPKernelApp.exec_lines list to be run when I start the qtconsole.

For example, if I add the following line to my ipython_qtconsole_config.py file:

 c.IPKernelApp.exec_lines = ['from __future__ import division']

and then run the qtconsole, inputting "1/2" still gives me "0" instead of the expected "0.5". On the other hand, if I execute "from future import division" by hand and then "1/2", "0.5" comes out.

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This code definitely works for me.

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Do you set any other exec_lines values in ipython_config? You can see the current config by printing get_ipython().config in the console.


Starting using "ipython qtconsole", get_ipython().config shows me the following:

{'KernelApp': {'hb_port': 57786,
  'iopub_port': 57784,
  'ip': '',
  'parent': 1,
  'shell_port': 57783,
  'stdin_port': 57785},
 'ProfileDir': {},
 'TerminalIPythonApp': {'exec_lines': ['from __future__ import division']},

'TerminalInteractiveShell': {'colors': 'Linux'}}

The 'TerminalIPythonApp' entry appears to be because I have "c.TerminalIPythonApp.exec_lines = ['from future import division']" in my ipython_config.py file for this profile. I can comment out this line, and it will disappear. Either way, though, I still get the 1/3=0 behavior...


On a hunch, I pulled the latest master (apparently I was a few days behind), and rebuilt ipython. After trying again, this issue now seems to be resolved, so I guess it was very recently fixed.

Sorry for the noise!

@eteq eteq closed this Jun 30, 2011
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Ah, you said it was in ipython_qtconsole_config.py. Yes, that was actually #544, and just closed today. It wasn't the specific configurable that was being ignored in the kernel, but the entire file, which was only loaded by the frontend.

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