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minrk opened this Issue Jun 30, 2011 · 3 comments

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The 'pysh' (aka 'sh') profile does nothing in 0.11 beyond redraw the prompt in a more bash-y way. None of the actually useful bits described in the interactive/shell doc have been updated to the new APIs.

This functionality should be restored.

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Thanks for catching this, Min. If nothing else, we should list it in the "Known regressions" section of the 0.11 docs/release notes, since we do know we'll have some regressions that we hope to fix in 0.12-etc.

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note added to what's new in 0.11, thanks.


to be more specific on this bug, here's an example of what's missing. the example below would work as expected using ipython --profile=pysh where IPython==0.10, but for 2.3 you will see:

   vagrant@toybox[testing]|5> !apt-cache search ipython|head -1
   ipython - enhanced interactive Python shell

   vagrant@toybox[testing]|6> apt-cache search ipython|head -1
   E: Opening configuration file ache - ifstream::ifstream (2: No such file or directory)
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