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Can't use os X clipboard on with qtconsole #958

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Standard Mac controls for clipboard ( cut, copy & paste ) don't work with qtconsole. This is the error I get in the terminal session from where qtconsole was started.

PasteBoard: Error creating pasteboard: [-4960]
PasteBoard: Error creating pasteboard: [-4960]     

Interesting, this certainly isn't true for me (OSX 10.7.2, System Python 2.7.1, PySide/Qt binary packages from Nokia). I would guess that your Qt or PyQt was not built correctly. How did you install them?


mm interesting, I've got OSX 10.7.2, Python 2.7.2.
I just reinstalled my version of PyQT, which is 4.6.8 and compiled from source, without any errors, using homebrew.

I don't think PySide is a requirement, but I've installed anyways (version 1.0.7), from source, using homebrew.


No, PySide is not a requirement - it works with either PySide or PyQt. PySide is just a much quicker install, since it has a binary installer, and is the default choice when both are present.

I just installed PyQt (4.8.6) with homebrew, and the clipboard still works when I instruct IPython to use PyQt instead of PySide. So maybe it's something to do with your Python? How did you install your Python, and are you certain that homebrew built PyQt with yours, rather than the system one?

You might try finding a simple clipboard test app from some pyqt tutorial to isolate the issue.


Thanks for your help. By accident I discovered today that this only happens when I launch the qtconsole from a tmux session. I don't know why this is...

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