Dashboard improvement (necessary merge of #1658 and #1676 + fix #1492) #1739

merged 22 commits into from May 31, 2012


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Carreau commented May 15, 2012

This is merge of #1658 (alternate upload) and #1676 (shutdown fron dashboard) that were conflicting, because #1658 (alternate upload) is necessary for #1676 (shutdown fron dashboard), otherwise you can't upload file as dashbord refresh just after drag and drop...

In addition :

One small bug fix of #1658.

fixes #1492 ( bigger drag target when no notebook), it show "list is empty" when no notebooks.

finally on master.

Carreau added some commits Apr 25, 2012
@Carreau Carreau alternate notebook upload methods
fixes #1562
@Carreau Carreau multifile selection f01957f
@Carreau Carreau clean html, style logon form ff6b85d
@Carreau Carreau kernel status 341b864
@Carreau Carreau proof of concept f9c25e3
@Carreau Carreau clean unused command ede97ff
@Carreau Carreau dashboard autorefresh
refresh notebook list and cluster list when :
- page get focus
- every 60 sec when page is on focus

stop refreshing every 60 sec when page loose focus
@Carreau Carreau test kernel for undefined rather than off b60b6de
@Carreau Carreau rename kernel_status -> kernel_id c2d2e34
@Carreau Carreau space around assignement 7244b9c
@Carreau Carreau Check for null rather than undefined
set kernel id to None/null if not started
@Carreau Carreau prevent autorefresh when pending upload
don't clear list if 'upload' button are present to avoid clearing the
list and the upload form
@Carreau Carreau add 'Close and halt' in notebook filemenu 68c8ac9
@Carreau Carreau remove extra console.log 83c278d
@Carreau Carreau bold click here in dashboard 214f204
@Carreau Carreau remove underscore in filename 98aa620
@Carreau Carreau i,b, in boilerplater.css 7a1e763
@Carreau Carreau replace b by strong for semantic, more change in boilerplate 078e522
@Carreau Carreau do not expose enable/disable autorefresh 04af03c
@Carreau Carreau Drag target bigger for empty notebook dashboard
When no notebooks, show "Notebook list empty", which increase the size
of the drag target.

fixes #1492
@Carreau Carreau fix upload button selection by class
superseed #1676 #1658 (and correct bug in 1676 where one con't upload
notebook because of refresh)

@fperez, can you test this branch on Linux to see if this fixes the uploadability of notebooks? (in your vast spare time ;-)

fperez commented May 23, 2012

I greatly appreciate the subtle sense of humor, @ellisonbg ;)

Sure, I'll try to take this for a spin tomorrow; I'm fried for the day. Thanks for reminding me...


I have tested uploading notebooks via both the button and drag and drop on linux (ubuntu 12.04) in Firefox and Chromium and it appears to be working fine in all cases.
The shutdown button also works as expected and is a great feature. One small issue that I see is that if you keep a notebook open
but shut it down from the dash and try to execute code in the notebook afterwards the restart kernel dialog pops up as expected but if you press restart the cell is not actually executed until you rerun it but it appears busy i.e it shows up as "In [*]:" until you rerun it.

Carreau commented May 25, 2012

I think this is a larger issue, this appends also if the kernel dies by itself.
Even more, you can save notebook with running prompt, and load them afterwards. They will still show cells with running prompt even if the new kernel is, of course, idle.


@Carreau Yes you are right this change only makes it easier to expose the bug and I don't think that this
should hold back the merge of this pull request.

Carreau commented May 30, 2012

I'll merge in a few hours if nobody as objection as it only adds some functionality and seem to work in linux.


@Carreau : Let's give people about a day, to make sure people in California have had a chance to look at it, though I expect it will be all OK.

fperez commented May 31, 2012

I've confirmed that it works on Linux, and that indeed it allows uploading into Chrome when SSL is on. I double-checked that situation, and it looks like it's a chrome-specific thing (and could be just on linux), because with Firefox the d'n'd upload works fine. So this is a most welcome fix! Since it has already had good review otherwise, go for it.

My only suggestion would be to change the phrase in the dashboard

"Drag files onto the list, or click here, to import notebooks"


"To import a notebook, drag the file onto the listing below or click here."

I just think it reads better, that's all.

Carreau commented May 31, 2012

Ok, changed, merging then.

@Carreau Carreau merged commit 2caea25 into ipython:master May 31, 2012

Thanks for this improvement. I think a small bug appeared when the text was changed.
To me it seems like you only moved the test but did not change the position where one has to click
to open the file dialog. I have to click on either the or listing now to open the file dialog.

Carreau commented May 31, 2012

Can you try to flush your browser cache,(css is often cached longer that html). I did change the size of the click area.
Actually you should be able to to click anywhere on the whole sentence to have the dialog opening.



Yes I see. It works correctly in chrome. In firefox neither clearing the cache nor using a different user profile seems to work.

Carreau commented May 31, 2012

hum... right, no idea why, the firefox css inspector does say that the fileinput have the right size, but dont correctly respond to click.

@fperez , should we then get back to
"Drag files onto the list, or click here, to import notebooks"
to be more aligned with FF ?

fperez commented May 31, 2012

Mmh, I don't particularly like having to keep a contorted sentence to satisfy a bizarre browser bug... I guess if it's broken we do need to fix it, but in that case please open an issue about this so that we can return later to the problem (or somebody who knows more about browsers can). I find it truly strange that word order can affect clicking response...

From experimenting a bit with FF, it seems that it only responds to clicks in the area from the start of the sentence up to around 260 pixels, which is ~58% of the 447px input area.

So I suggest instead the following wording:

"To import a notebook, click here or drag a file onto the list below:"

Hopefully that will work.

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