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Open (geo)data IRCEL-CELINE


Catalog Service for the Web (CSW)

Metadata is hosted via:

Documentation specific CSW implementation:

General documentation of the OGC standard for CSW:

Web Map Service (WMS) - viewing service

A WMS serves geo-registered map images

Our end-point:

See GetCapabilities:

The following workspaces serve a subsection of the data:


    • interpolated maps of RIO 4x4km
    • Coverage Belgium and per region
    • see further details here

    • measurement data per station
    • selection possible via time parameter
    • see further details here


Available encodings (see format parameter):

  • png
  • png8
  • jpeg
  • tiff

See full list in GetCapabilities under <GetMap> <Format>


Available projections (see srs parameter):

  • EPSG:31370
  • EPSG:4258
  • EPSG:4326
  • EPSG:900913

Documentation WMS

Documentation interacting with the specific WMS implementation:

General documentation of the OGC standard for WMS:

Web Feature Service (WFS) - download service

A WFS serves vector format geographical data.

Our end-point:

See GetCapabilities:


Available encodings (see outputformats parameter):

  • gml
  • json
  • csv
  • kml
  • shp
  • js

See full list in GetCapabilities under <ows:Parameter name="outputFormat">


Most commonly used projections are supported (cf EPSG)

Documentation WFS

Documentation specific WFS implementation:

General documentation of the OGC standard for WFS:

Sensor Observation Service (SOS) - download service

A SOS serves sensor data (time series, metadata of stations and measuring devices) collected at a specific geographical location.

Our end-point:

Browse data via the following clients:



Documentation specific SOS implementation:

SOS adapted for e-reporting under the Air Quality Directive:

General documentation of the OGC standard for SOS:






A list of abbreviations used in het layer names:

Abbreviation Description
bc Black Carbon (BC)
no2 Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
o3 Ozone (O3)
pm10 Particulate Matter < 10 µm (PM10)
pm25 Particulate Matter < 2.5 µm (PM2.5)
so2 Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
hmean hourly mean (timstamp = end-time of hour)
24hmean Running 24-hour mean (timstamp = end-time of 24 hour period)
8hmean Running 8-hour mean (timstamp = end-time of 8 hour period)
maxhmean Daily (01h00 to 24h00) maximum hmean (timstamp = 01h00 of the running day)
max8hmean Daily (01h00 to 24h00) maximum 8hmean (timstamp = 01h00 of the running day)
dmean Daily mean concentration (hmean 01h00 to 24h00 - timstamp = 01h00 of the following day)
anmean Annual mean concentration (calendar year)
rio RIO interpolation - see rio datasets
station data measured in a monitoring station - see measurements datasets
vl the network "Flanders"
wl the network "Wallonia"
br the network "Brussels"