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JavaScript crypto library supporting IRISnet light client
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JavaScript crypto library supporting IRISnet/cosmos light client. It mainly provides account generation, transaction construction and offline signing functions of irisnet and cosmos You can install this library in the following ways

npm install git+


import package

import Irisnet from 'irisnet-crypto';


The first step, you need to explain whether the generated wallet is iris or cosmos

let crypto = Irisnet.getCrypto('iris');
generate account
let account = crypto.create('your language');
// account: {"address":"faa1e4y8urzgjd82447ydlw9tszsm2lxfwdr5hxj4a","phrase":"carbon when squeeze ginger rather science taxi disagree safe season mango teach trust open baby immune nephew youth nothing afraid sick prefer daughter throw","privateKey":"436EB1ACE1D9D8F4EA519D050FF16ADD4B9CAF3D6D0917411857318259022EFF","publicKey":"fap1addwnpepqw36efnhzgurxaq3mxsgf4fjm280dehh20w03u3726arm0deagne5u254g2"}

The create method has a parameter:language,Used to specify the generated mnemonic language.The default is 'english'.You have the following options to choose from:

  • chinese_simplified
  • japanese
  • spanish
  • english

We recommend choosing 'english'

recovery account

via mnemonic

let account = crypto.recover('your seed','your language');

or via privateKey

let account = crypto.import('your privateKey');

The difference between the above two is that the latter does not return the mnemonic of the account.


Construct a transaction and sign

let builder = Irisnet.getBuilder('iris');
let stdTx = builder.buildAndSignTx('your request', 'your privateKey');
let postTx = stdTx.GetData();
let hash = stdTx.Hash();

buildAndSignTx has two parameters:

  • request : transaction content,specific instructions are as follows:
    • chain_id : blockchain's chain_id(example:fuxi/irishub/gaia-13001 etc.)
    • from : transaction originator address(example:faa1ljemm0yznz58qxxs8xyak7fashcfxf5lssn6jm)
    • account_number : you can get it from lcd's 'auth/accounts/'
    • sequence : you can get it from lcd's 'auth/accounts/'
    • fees : transaction fee
    • gas : gas limit
    • memo : transaction description
    • type : transaction type,iris support the following values
      • transfer
      • delegate
      • unbond
      • redelegate
      • withdrawDelegationRewardsAll
      • withdrawDelegationReward
    • msg : message content
  • privateKey : your privateKey

GetData will return the constructed and signed transaction,you can call lcd's 'tx/broadcast'(cosmos:/txs) to send the transaction.

Hash is used to calculate the hash of the transaction,prevent server response from being unavailable due to timeout. You can use hash to confirm if the transaction was successful.For specific usage, please refer to the test case


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