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iRODS Client - iCommands

This repository hosts the client iCommands, the default command line interface to iRODS.


To build the iCommands, you will need the irods-dev and irods-runtime packages.

This is a CMake project and can be built with:

cd irods_client_icommands
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -GNinja ../
ninja package


The packages produced by CMake will install the ~50 iCommands, by default, into /usr/bin.

Build without any Package Repositories

If you need to build the iRODS iCommands without the use of any APT/YUM repositories, it will be necessary to build all the dependencies yourself. The steps include:

  1. Download, build, and install packages from
  2. Update your PATH to include the newly built CMake
  3. Download, build, and install irods-dev(el) and irods-runtime from
  4. Download, build, and install irods-icommands from

Our dependency chain will shorten as older distributions age out.

The current setup supports new C++ features on those older distributions.

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