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iRODS schemas for configuration files and grid components.

Used by the iRODS server, on startup, to validate its configuration files.

Example usage:

git clone
cd irods_schema_configuration
git checkout v3
python --output_directory_base /tmp/irods_schemas

This will create, if necessary, /tmp/irods_schemas and /tmp/irods_schemas/v3, then populate the latter with copies of the schema files currently found in ./schemas. The schema copies will have their id fields updated to reflect their new locations (e.g. server_config.json will have id field file:///tmp/irods_schemas/v3/server_config.json#.

To have an iRODS installation validate its configuration files against this local deployment, set the iRODS schema_validation_base_uri (found in /etc/irods/server_config.json or fed into the prompt during setup) to file:///tmp/irods_schemas.

Make sure that the Linux account running iRODS has read access to the deployed schemas.

Note that the above steps will only create local instances of the schemas for v3. To create local instances of other versions, checkout the desired version's git branch (e.g. v2).

To determine which version of the schemas is used by an iRODS installation, check the configuration_schema_version entry of /var/lib/irods/VERSION.json. usage:

python --output_directory_base <path to desired deployment directory> [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --template_directory=<path to alternate schema templates>
  --url_base=<alternate url base for "id" field>
                        Useful for creating web deployments

Deploys packaged schemas to <output_directory_base>.

Sets "id" field of deployed schemas appropriately based on <url_base>.


iRODS schema for configuration files and grid components



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