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vsfm-osx is a set of scripts that builds VisualSFM and required/optional packages on OSX inside an app structure, making it portable. You can redistribute your generated app.

The default enviroment is OS X 64 bits (tested with Lion), no CUDA support, GLSL code, core2 CPU, Homebrew libraries and default X11 libraries.

Installation and Requirements

Clone this project and run ./scripts/all. You need, of course, an OS X machine and Xcode with Command Line Tools. Tested with Lion 10.7.4, Xcode 4.3.3 and XQuartz 2.7.2

Download XQuartz from


VisualSFM - A Visual Structure from Motion System

Copyright 2006-2012 Changchang Wu and University of Washington

SiftGPU: A GPU Implementation of Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT)

Copyright (c) 2007 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Multicore Bundle Adjustment

Copyright (c) 2011 Changchang Wu ( and the University of Washington at Seattle

Clustering Views for Multi-view Stereo (CMVS)

Software written by Yasutaka Furukawa

Graclus -- Efficient graph clustering software for normalized cut and ratio association on undirected graphs.

Copyright(c) 2008 Brian Kulis, Yuqiang Guan (version 1.2)