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BASH plugin for wakatime
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BASH plugin for wakatime

Automatic time tracking for commands in BASH using wakatime.


Make sure you have configured wakatime API key in your ~/.wakatime.cfg file.

  1. pip install wakatime to install wakatime CLI, with 4.1 or higher. See more here for wakatime CLI.

  2. For bash users:

  • git clone

  • include the "" file in your "~/.bashrc" file with this command:

    . path/to/

  • or this command:

    source path/to/

  • But if you already have a PROMPT_COMMAND variable set, just merge yout own pre_prompt_command with the following one. And don't forget to create and configure your "~/.wakatime.cfg" file.

  1. Open a new terminal and type commands

  2. Visit

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