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`load()` methods #18

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We have .dump() and .dumpLRU, would be nice if you could do something like.

var lru = require('lru-cache').load(JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./dump.json').toString()))

Maybe a matching one for loadLRU.


Yes, that'd be nice.


I looked into this a tiny bit, and it's surprisingly tricky to get right. You have to serialize not just the cache entries and lru list, but all the counters and whatnot as well.


This would be very useful, making lru persistant in disk.


It seems useful on the surface, but it's probably not really all THAT useful, because if you need/want it to persist to disk, then another tool is probably better suited. Something like MemcacheDB or Redis.


This was added in #40.

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