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Solutions for FIU Interview Prep
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FIU Interview Prep

Technical questions - a step by step guide

1. Repeat The Problem Back

  • Validate you understand the problem
  • Ensure you are using intervew time to answer the questions asked
  • Display your ability to summarize

2. Ask Clarifying Questions

  • Establish the constraints and bounds: Bounds will dictate what solutions are feasible
  • Begin to think about run time
  • Ask for sample input: are you working with integers? strings? etc.
  • Ask about special characteristics of variables: negative numbers? only alpha characters?
  • Identify possible inaccurate assumptions: is the input sorted already?

3. Write Out Ideas

  • Write the pros/cons
  • Work with your interviewer

4. Choose Your Favorite Language

  • Ideally an object oriented language like Java, C#, or Python

5. Look Out For Edge Cases

  • Start identifying possible tricky scenarios
  • Write out a few test cases
  • Listen for hints from the interviewer

6. Code Your Solution Up

  • Strive for clean and runnable code
  • Draw pictures, provide pseudocode, and eventually write code

7. Test Your Code

  • Run your test cases through your program
  • Try out some edge cases. Did you miss any?

8. Analyze performance

  • What's the runtime and spacetime complexity of your solution?
  • Where can your solution be improved?

9. It's okay to not know answers immediately

  • There questions are meant to push you!
  • It's okay to say don't remember something, but don't give up!
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