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A Lovelace custom card for custom component Grocy in Home Assistant.

Grocy Chores Card

Easiest installation via HACS.

For manual installation see this guide.

Example configuration

title: My awesome Lovelace config
  - url: /local/grocy-chores-card.js
    type: js
  title: My view
    - type: custom:grocy-chores-card
        - sensor.grocy_chores
        - sensor.grocy_tasks


Name Type Optional Default Description
type string Required custom:grocy-chores-card
entity string/list Required The entity id(s) of your Grocy chores and/or tasks sensor(s).
title string Optional "Todo" The title of the card.
show_quantity number Optional The number of items you want to show in the card.
show_days number Optional 0 to only show items that's due today or overdue. If not specified, shows all items.
user_id number Optional 1 Id of the Grocy user performing the items. Default if not specified is 1. See further instructions here.
custom_translation string-list Optional List of translations of string values used in the card (see below).
filter string Optional Only show items that contains this filter in the name.
remove_filter bool Optional Use together with filter to remove the filter from the name when showing in card. Chore name "Yard work: Clean rain gutters" with filter "Yard work: " will then only display "Clean rain gutters".
filter_user number Optional Only show items assigned to the used with this user_id. Ex: 1
show_assigned bool Optional true Show who's assigned to the item (does not work on tasks).
show_last_tracked bool Optional true Show when someone last tracked this chore (does not work on tasks).
show_last_tracked_by bool Optional true Show who last tracked this chore (show_last_tracked must be true to show this) (does not work on tasks).
show_track_button bool Optional true Show track (complete) button
show_empty bool Optional true Set to false to hide card when no items
show_create_task bool Optional false Set to true to show ability to add a task in Grocy directly from the card.

Advanced options

It is possible to translate the following English strings in the card to whatever you like.

  Overdue: "Försenad"
  Today: "Idag"
  Due: "Dags"
  'Assigned to': "Tilldelad"
  'Last tracked': "Senast"
  by: "av"
  Track: "Gör nu"
  'No todos': "Tomt"
  'Look in Grocy for {number} more items': "Det finns {number} fler göromål i Grocy"
  'Add task': "Lägg till"
  'Optional due date/time': "Valfritt datum/tid"
  "'Name' can't be empty": "Fyll i namn"

How to get the correct user id?

Currently, this issue in Grocy results in only being able to track chores for the user id that created the api key used in the integration in Home Assistant. The issue is fixed but not yet released. In the meantime, follow these instructions to get the correct user id to be able to track chores from the card:

  1. Login to Grocy. Go to http://yourgrocyip:port/manageapikeys
  2. Note which user has created the api key used with the HA integration.
  3. Go to http://yourgrocyip:port/api/users
  4. Find the user that corresponds to the user who created the api key in step 2.
  5. Note the id for that user. If the id is not 1 you need to specify user_id to that user id in the cards configuration to be able to track chores.

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