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This repository provides a home for tickets and other planning documents for the Pleiades gazetteer of ancient places, a joint project of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University, the Ancient World Mapping Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and volunteer scholars, students, and enthusiasts around the world.

Reporting bugs and requesting enhancements

Please feel free to open an issue in our issue tracker describing your difficulties and/or suggesting new features. Please note that there is a help and documentation section on the Pleiades site. You may also be able to get assistance (depending on availability of team members -- we don't have support staff) on the Pleiades IRC Channel.

Pleiades 3

At the beginning of August 2015, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced the award of a $322,615 grant for major upgrades and improvements to the P​leiades gazetteer of ancient places. More information about the award is available on the ISAW News Blog. A copy of the proposal narrative has been posted online in PDF format. Tickets (issues) related to the grant-funded work are kept in the main issue tracker on this repository; they are labeled "p3". Other documents related to the Pleiades 3 effort may be found in the pleiades3 branch of this repository.

Code: Plone Buildout

Pleiades runs on Plone. With plenty of add-ons and customizations. Relevant repositories are listed in the following sections.

The Plone buildout for Pleiades is Pleiades 3 Buildout. The pleiades-production.cfg config file is used on production; it extends buildout.cfg and production-versions.cfg. Note that the buildout makes use of a static package distributions directory at

Other Pleiades Code for Plone

The following packages are developed by the Pleiades project and are included in the production buildout. Links to repositories are provided and version numbers, where pinned in the buildout, are indicated.

Pleiades Atom (pleiades.atom)

Pleiades Bulkup (pleiades.bulkup)

Pleiades CAP Grids (pleiades.capgrids)

  • Places in the Classical Atlas Project ( gazetteer are located by map number and grid square within the map. This package includes the bounding coordinates of all grid squares and a function to get the (left, bottom, top, right) bounding box of any grid square or map.
  • repository: github:isawnyu/capgrids

Pleiades Content Ratings (pleiades.contentratings)

Pleiades Dump (pleiades.dump)

  • Data about the locations, names, and places of Pleiades is regularly read from the site catalog and written to CSV format files. The descriptions of the records in these files and the code that writes them is contained in this package.
  • pinned to version 0.12.1
  • repository: github:/isawnyu/pleiades-dump

Pleiades Entity

  • The PleiadesEntity product provides Plone content types suitable for constructing and managing collections of geographic data items, for example, digital gazetteer entries.
  • NB: PleiadesEntity is not installed by the buildout. In the buildout, the products/README.txt file says: "Checkout or install PleiadesEntity into this folder."
  • repository: github:/isawnyu/PleiadesEntity

Pleiades Geographer

Pleiades Iterate

Pleiades JSON

Pleiades KML

Pleiades Neighbors

Pleiades Normalizer

  • This package provides a unicode to ascii normalizer for Barrington Atlas feature labels based on the Plone Foundation's plone.i18n.
  • repository: svn at

Pleiades Notre Dame

  • Adapted Notre Dame theme for Plone 3 with color scheme based on new Plone Logo.
  • pinned to version 0.7.3
  • repository: svn at

Pleiades Open Layers

  • OpenLayers support for Pleiades
  • This package is still in the buildout, but may no longer be used as place and other maps now use Leaflet.js.
  • repository: svn at atlantides

Pleiades Place Match

Pleiades Policy

Pleiades Portlet for Flickr

  • The Flickr Portlet synposizes Flickr content related to places via Pleiades machine tags.
  • pinned at version 0.5
  • repository: svn at

Pleiades Portlet for Pelagios

Pleiades RDF

Pleiades Reconciliation

Pleiades Sitemap

Pleiades Theme (pleiades.theme)

Pleiades Transliteration

  • This package provides modules for transliteration of names from Greek and Latin writing systems into our modern Roman writing system following conventions of the Classical Atlas Project.
  • Still in the buildout, but I think we disabled use of this code in PleiadesEntity.
  • repository: svn at

Pleiades Vaytrou Index

Pleiades Vocabularies

Pleiades Workspace

Third-Party Code Used in the Plone Buildout




[Python LDAP]


  • Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects in the Cartesian plane.

[Simple JSON]


[ZGeo Atom]

[ZGeo Geographer]

[ZGeo KML]

[ZGeo Plone Atom]

[ZGeo Plone Geographer]

[ZGeo Plone KML]

Other Pleiades-Specific Website Components (i.e., non-Plone)

BA Bibl Web

  • Code and data behind the Barrington Atlas Bibliography with Pleiades links.

CAP Grids Web

  • no readme

Pleiades API

Pleiades Frontpage

Pleiades GANE

  • GANE data and Pleiades import scripts.

Pleiades Portlet References

  • Forked from collective.portlet.references 1.0 so that we could have different relations and back references as well.
  • off-github svn

Other Pleiades Code

Pleiades Update Overlays

  • In several content development projects we've scripted broad, bulk updates to Pleiades places, locations, and names (henceforth "objects") using variations on the Pleiades dump format as input data formats. To open this avenue of bulk updates to more Pleiades partners we document herein what we will call the Pleiades Update Overlay Format (or Overlay Format, for short). This format is designed for Pleiades users who would like to create or update 40-1000 objects at a time.

Possibly moribund/obsolete code

Pleiades Keytree

  • Keytree provides several functions for manipulating KML using the ElementTree API. Elements can be adapted to the Python geo interface and then used with packages like Shapely.
  • Off-GitHub SVN
  • NB: only specified in buildout in devel.cfg and plain old keytree is in the production buildout (see above)


Pleiades provides open access to the most comprehensive geospatial dataset for antiquity available today. It serves as an indispensable component of at least 40 other important digital humanities projects, ranging from online editions of primary sources for students to expert systems supporting advanced research in fields like archaeology, epigraphy, and numismatics. It also constitutes a core resource for classroom activities focused on ancient geography.

Find out more on the Pleiades website:

Pleiades has received significant support from the National Endowment for the Humanities since 2006. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


This repository provides a home for tickets and other planning documents for the Pleiades gazetteer of ancient places. Code is kept in multiple other repositories.






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