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The most useful of my FOCAL programs
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The most useful of my FOCAL programs are contained in one 4K ROM image – the ISENE.ROM. The ROM includes:

  • UAC (Ultimate Alarm Clock) - The mother of all alarm clocks with all kinds of bells and whistles
  • TIMER - A simple program for sounding an alarm at a defined interval
  • D-W-D - Date to Week number to Date conversions
  • REM (REMembering) - PDA event management system
  • HOURS - Project hours registration
  • NOTES - Quick note taking for the HP-41
  • CRYPT - Encrypt/decrypt HP-41 XM ascii files
  • EVAL - Program to evaluate decisions agains a set of requirements
  • FINANCE - A Time-Value-Money (TVM) program
  • EASTER - Get the date for Easter Sunday for a given year
  • FILEMAN - Efficient file management system for the HP-41
  • FILE - File editing, viewing, printing
  • LIBXM - Utilities for handling XM files; Create, resize, sort
  • LIBHPX - Utilities for handling HEPAX files; Save/restore data/ascii files, resize
  • DMD - Convert between date formats: MM.DD <-> DD.MM
  • RNG - Random Number Generator based on TIME as the input

Read the pdf manual for a full overview.

ISENE.ROM was easily created with Håkan Thörngren's NutStudio.


This software is released into the Public Domain.

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