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Generate your report

Why do I exist?

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us.

As the year is ending, we thought to take a look back at all the contributions you as an individual made to the open-source community, during these unprecedented times.

Also, since Spotify, Snapchat and other mass platforms have their own way of year wrap up, why not us?


This web app deployed at will help you to generate yearly reports that contains your stats from the beginning of this year.

Including number of commits, stars etc.

Sample GitHub Wrapped Report

You can also save your report as an image using the 'Save Report' button and share it with the community or keep it as a memorandum :)

Project Structure

This project uses React.Js and the contents are bundled using webpack.

The contents in this project follow the following structure.

│   └───assets

Each individual component and container, follows this structure

  ├──index.jsx (main entry point)

Tweet Bot

The celebrations doesn't end here! We also our own cute octo-bot on twitter @GitHubWrapped.

Octobot stays awake all day/night to like & retweet all your tweets that use the hashtag #GitHubWrapped.


Clone the repository
git clone
Move to the desired folder
cd \github-wrapped
To install the dependencies, simply write
yarn install
To run the app, simply write
yarn start


Ishan Sharma

Himanshu Sharma