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RePhone Smartstrap Wiki

Getting Started

Seeed have a detailed assembly diagram clearly detailing how to rivet each PCB to the included strap. The NFC antenna appears to be slightly longer than its allocated holes, but fits comfortably regardless. The battery PCB is installed connector-down in order for the rivets to attach, which implies that the 11-pin connector should be twisted before connecting.
Source code for an example RePhone watchapp is available, as is a pre-built .pbw. The example app demonstrates the Battery, Location and Navigation, and NFC Services. The Xadow battery voltage is displayed, and pressing select allows the user to enable charging of the Pebble itself from the smartstrap battery. Location, speed, altitude, and satellite data are displayed. NFC tag IDs can be read by placing them under the included antenna.


The current firmware implements Battery, Location and Navigation, and NFC Services using Pebble's standard smartstrap protocol. The firmware source is available on the ARM mbed Developer Site and the adapter can be flashed in the standard mbed fashion of uploading a cloud-compiled binary to the device while in USB mass storage mode. A simple connector can be fashioned by bending 0.1" header pins inward slightly to match the pad layout on the adapter.