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2017 Convenors

  • Gabriela Mircea (McMaster)
  • Don Richards (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Terms of Reference

  • The name of the IIG is the Islandora Documentation Interest Group (DIG)
  • The purpose of the Islandora Documentation Interest Group is to coordinate the creation and maintenance of the Islandora community user documentation.

Specific goals, activities, and outcomes include:

  1. Establish best practices for Islandora documentation.
  2. Manage documentation updates during Islandora software releases.
  3. Assist Islandora users and contributors who have questions about the documentation.
  4. Resolve documentation-related issues reported in Islandora issue tracking systems.
  5. Work collaboratively with Islandora community members who create in-code documentation and README files to improve consistency of documentation.


This interest group meets on an as-needed basis to make decisions or work on documentation together.

  • Convenor(s) will call meetings when needed and share meeting agendas on the Islandora community mailing list.
  • Meetings are held on Skype. To join a meeting, contact Melissa Anez.
  • A convenor will appoint a note taker for the meeting and meeting notes will be made available online after the meeting.
  • A convenor will submit occasional reports on interest group activities to the Islandora Roadmap Committee.

Contact the group

  • Communicate with the group by emailing the Islandora community mailing list (islandora at googlegroups dot com) with [DIG] in the subject line.

Current Membership (Updated December 2015)

  • Melissa Anez (Islandora Foundation)
  • Janice Banser (Simon Fraser University)
  • Sean Cavanaugh (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Robin Dean (Michigan State University)
  • Lingling Jiang (UTSC)
  • Gabriela Mircea (McMaster)
  • Mike Nason (University of New Brunswick)
  • Jaime Pinto (SciNet - University of Toronto)
  • Wilhelmina Randtke (Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative)
  • Don Richards (University of Tennessee Knoxville)
  • Jennifer Eustis (University of Connecticut)
  • Robin Naughton (The New York Academy of Medicine)
  • Audrey Sage Lorberfeld (The New York Academy of Medicine)

Past Membership

We would like to recognize the contributions of these past members of the Docs IG.

  • Kelli Babcock
  • Bryan Brown
  • Ernie Gillis
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt (Convenor)
  • Becky Yoose