This is a simple demo of the SendGrid Inbound Parse Webhook API. It reads aloud the subjects of incoming emails through a Mashape text-to-speech API using the Unirest node.js library. Also uses Firebase for mp3 storage and other hassle-free hooks
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SendGrid Parse API demo + Mashape and Firebase

This node.js app uses SendGrid's Inbound Parse API (Webhook) to pull an email's subject, which is then read out on a webpage. It uses this Mashape text-to-speech API to convert text to audio. It also uses Firebase to store data and do a callback to the webpage to play the audio.

Try the app

You can go to this page to try the app.

Tutorial and Configuration

You can find the tutorial explaining the basic components of the code here. To configure the service, you need to copy config-sample.js to config.js with the required values:

config.mashape = {};
config.mashape.key = "Get your Mashape key from";

config.firebase = {};
config.firebase.hostname = "Create your Firebase from";

You also need to update public/index.html with your Firebase:

//TODO: Create your own Firebase at
var myDataRef = new Firebase('https://<your own firebase>');