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A form activity & validation message observer
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jQuery Form Observer

Observes the human interaction with a form, collecting details like which fields the visitor has interacted with, what validation messages they encounter.

Uses jQuery 1.4.2.


// Initiate form observer on a form
        // The selector for validation messages 
        // (relative to the form selector)
        validation: 'label.error'

// Register for the form-observer events
    .bind('form.validation', function(e, msg){
        console.log(msg.type + '[' + + '] ' + msg.error);
    .bind('form.activity', function(e, msg){
        console.log(msg.type + '[' + + ']: User Activity');

Validation messages

The eventType is form.validation. The data structure passed through for validation messages looks as follows:

    type:  'validation.server', // the type of message
    name:  'email',             // The form field name
    label: 'Email Address',     // The form field label
    error: 'The error message displayed to the visitor'

For javascript validation messages the type becomes validation.javascript

Activity messages

The eventType is form.activity. The data structure for field activity messages looks as follows:

    type: 'activity.field',
    name: 'email'


Take a look at example-form.html for a working demonstation of the form observer.

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