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Fastify Register Routes

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fastify register routes (fastify-register-routes) Plugin to automatically load routes from a specified path and optionally limit loaded file names by a regular expression.


npm i fastify-register-routes



  • regex: You regex to test file name the router Ex.: user-router.js if nothing is informed I'll use the regex standard /((Route)|(Routes)|(route)|(routes))\.js|.mjs$/.

  • showTable: After loaded all routes, will showind one table with all routes registred's by default value is false.

  • path: Path is used to reference the directory for reading files, therefore, is required.

  • useService: allowed injecting methods of services inside the fastify Request object. Accepts as an argument a list of functions, exemple below.

  • schema: In your routes, you can define the schema, according to the documentation of fastify, this parameter is optional, you just need to inform schema: you-schema consult the documentation of fastify, see other examples here

const path = require('path')
const Fastify = require('fastify')
const registerRoutes = require('fastify-register-routes')

const fastify = Fastify()

// path with your's routes files
const defaultPath = path.join(__dirname, './routes')

fastify.register(registerRoutes, {
  regex: /((Route)|(Routes))\.js|.mjs$/,
  showTable: true,
  path: defaultPath

// case need confering routes registred's
// fastify provide an log with the routes loaded
// this function ready é executed after the all is completed loading
fastify.ready().then(() => console.log(fastify.printRoutes()))

fastify.listen(3000, '', err => {
  if (err) {
    throw  err
  console.log(`Listen ${fastify.address().port}`)

Options for Routes

  • useWrap: use a flag useWrap with value true, is an envelope of handler methods, i see below
module.exports = {
  path: '/some-route',
  handler: wrapMiddleware((req, res) => {
    const usersRepo = req.$repositories.users
    const data = req.body
    return usersRepo.create(data)
      .then(user => ({ data: user }))

Options for method's services Injected and Scheme at routes

// by default, is used ajv for validation schemes.
const schema = {
  querystring: {
    name: { type: 'string' },
    excitement: { type: 'integer' }
  response: {
    200: {
      type: 'object',
      properties: {
        hello: { type: 'string' }

const action01 = () => {
  // same code here
  return 'action01'

const action02 = () => {
  // your logic here!
  return 'action02'

const get = {
  name: 'user-get',
  version: '1.0.0',
  path: '/get-route',
  // your scheme here, any questions, consult the documentation of fastify.
  schema: schema,
  method: 'get',
  service: [ action01, action02 ],
  handler: (req, reply) => {
    const action = req.$service.action01()
    return reply.send({ payload: action })

Other Examples using services injections.

 // middleware.js file
 // don't you import much services methods within you logic,
 // you will only need inject on http-route, its file the routes.

const createUser = (req, reply) => {
  const userNews = req.$service.createUser(req.body)
  // Wow! it's simple!

// service.js
// example of service
const createUser = (user) => User.create(user)

// route.js
// example of uses

const userRoute = {
  name: 'user-create',
  version: '1.2.1',
  path: '/user-create',
  method: 'post',
  service: [ createUser ],
  handler: middleware.createUser


any error can be reported, as issue and I am accepting PR's :)


Plugin to automatically load routes from a specified path and optionally limit loaded file names by a regular expression.





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