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Introducing the Orchard Plot for Meta-analysis

IMPORTANT NOTE: orchaRd has now moved to a new site where it is being actively developed:

orchaRd 2.0 can now take meta-regression models with a multitude of different predictor variables, produce marginal means, deal with heteroscedastic errors and even now produce bubble plots with continuous moderators.

Details on installation are provided at

Citing orchaRd 2.0

To cite orchaRd in publications one can use the following reference:

Nakagawa, S., Lagisz, M., O'Dea, R. E., Rutkowska, J., Yang, Y., Noble, D. W., & Senior, A. M. (2020). The Orchard Plot: Cultivating a Forest Plot for Use in Ecology, Evolution and Beyond. Research Synthesis Methods (EcoEvoRxiv