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TETRA Listener - Vagrant template

This repository provides setup script to get tetra-listener up and running using Vagrant virtual environment manager

Install Dependencies

  1. Vagrant 1.6 and later
  2. VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion (VirtualBox has been tested, but has performance problems)
  3. Vagrant VMware plugins (see - vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion - or vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-workstation


  1. git clone
  2. cd tetra-listener-vagrant
  3. edit Vagrantfile and change number of CPUs and allocated Memory if you have plenty
  4. vagrant up --provider vmware_fusion (or vmware_workstation, depending on what you do have installed) - vagrant up --provider virtualbox if you want to try if your VirtualBox is better
  5. wait for install to be finished (depending on your machine performance can take up to few hours)
  6. vagrant ssh (to login into machine)
  7. tetra-listener will be installed and ready to use in folder /root/tetra-listener/


  • username: vagrant / password: vagrant
  • enabled with sudo permissions (simply type sudo bash to get root shell)
  • mysql user: root (or tetra) / password: tetra

Tetra-Listener documentation

See repository for documentation


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